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Mattress Cleaning

Our Ultra Clean Mattress Cleaning System

Did you know the place we go to get well when we are sick may be the most unsanitary place in our home? Our beds

No matter how clean your house, no matter how clean the bedding, you are still sleeping with these creatures and other pathogens. They come through the bedding while you sleep, and there may be millions of them infested in your mattress and furniture.

The Problem: 

You could be sharing your bed with anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million of these dust mites!!! Dust Mites are small organisms related to spiders, too small to see with the naked eye, eating dead skin cells and nesting in our bedding, fabric, carpet, and furnishings.

We sweat more than a pint a night. The sweat soakes into the bedding and mattress. Sweat and dead skin we shed each night, becomes food. Our warm bodies create a perfect incubator for dust mites, germs, bacteria, mold, and fungus to grow. We get up and the bed cools, the growth slows, the next night it starts all over again, night after night. Dust mites excrete a substance called Guanine which is fecal matter. The average mattress and pillow no matter how clean, contains millions of dust mites. Each dust mite produces over 2000 particles of fecal matter, that’s a lot of Guanine.

Our face is close to the mattress and pillows,we inhale the dust mites and fecal matter into our bronchia & lungs. Our immune system reacts to fight off the invasion and triggers our symptoms.

The Solution: 

All Season's Carpet Cleaning has a unique chemical free cleaning system that not only kills and removes dust mites, but germs, mold, viruses, bacteria, bed bugs, lice, and other pathogens in your sleeping environment. Our process doesn’t stop there, our chemical free system can also sanitize and clean furniture, carpeting, bathrooms, kitchens and more. Our goal is to make your home or business as allergen and germ free as possible.

Our Process:

Step 1. Thoroughly Vacuum Mattress

We use a special high power vacuum that uses pulsating waves of high vibration to pulverize, destroy, and remove dust mites and other harmful debris deep in the mattress, furniture, or pillows.

Step 2. Clean and Sanitize Mattress

We use our high heat dry vapor steam machine to shoot very hot dry steam deep into the mattress, furniture or pillows instantly killing anything on contact.  Dirt, spots and stains are melted away or absorbed into our special microfiber cloths.

Step 3. Post Vacuum & Treat

We re-vacuum to remove all of the dead pathogens and any remaining soil, leaving it hygienically clean. An Anti-Allergen spray is applied to inhibit re-growth and neutralize any allergens.

*A bed can be made up within half an hour

Here are the benefits of Our System:

  • It will penetrate deep into mattresses, furniture, and other stuffed items.
  • Kills all contaminates instantly on contact and then is extracted out.
  • The mattress or furniture is dry when we are done, and it uses no chemicals.
  • Our system can be used to sanitize and clean everything in the house and gets into nooks and crannies where bedbugs, lice, dust mites, and other creatures live. Other cleaning devices cannot get into these areas, and are really useless in killing many of them anyway.
  • Our system not only sanitizes, but cleans. It can clean everything from mattresses and furniture to carpeting, from kitchen stoves to tile and grout floors, from counter tops to toilets and more. It is an awesome sanitizing and cleaning machine.
  • Our system can remove dirt and stains that other methods could only hope to do, and normally without using any chemicals.
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